Aberdeen Airport installs new generation security scanners – Business Traveller

Aberdeen International Airport has completed the installation of new generation 3D scanners at security checkpoints.

It means that departing passengers no longer need to remove electrical devices and liquids from their luggage at security, and can carry on bottles containing up to two litres in liquids.

However travellers are advised to check rules at other airports if they are connecting from / to Aberdeen, as many do not yet have the new generation scanners in place.

While some UK airports such as London City have now installed of new scanning equipment, the work is still ongoing at others.

The Department for Transport recently granted extensions to some airports, effectively abandoning the previous June 2024 deadline.

UK airports granted extensions to install new CT scanners

Commenting on the news William Wallace, security manager at Aberdeen International Airport – which celebrates its 90th birthday this year – said:

“We are delighted to have the NGSC (Next Generation Security Checkpoint ) scanners operational at Aberdeen.

“We are well ahead of the deadline set by the Government thanks to all the hard work from our staff and contractors.

“This is one of the biggest changes in airport security so we would ask passengers to be prepared for this new process and to have patience as we enter the biggest change in aviation security in nearly two decades.”

Earlier this month London City Airport reported that queue times at security have been cut by half since the installation of its new scanners one year ago.

London City Airport reports 50 per cent reduction in security queue times


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