Delta and Amex launch credit cards made from a B747 aircraft – Business Traveller

Delta and American Express have launched a new partnership enabling customers to own a credit card made from metal from a retired B747 jumbo.

The limited-edition metal cards have been made using materials including 25 per cent airplane metal from Delta Ship #6307.

US-based customers can apply for the special Boeing 747 Delta Skymiles Reserve or Reserve Business cards by August 3, 2022, which are available “while stocks last”.

Delta said that the partnership followed “a year of research and development to ensure the airplane metal could work as a functioning credit card that stands up to daily wear and tear”.

A team of metal workers disassembled the jumbo aircraft, prepped the aluminium exterior for cleaning, and then processed and rolled the metal into thin sheets “to preserve its authenticity”. Layers of polymer print were then added to protect the aluminium.

The carrier said that the retired aircraft “holds special meaning for many Delta customers and employees; this aircraft has provided transport to US service men and women, evacuated travellers from Florida during Hurricane Irma, united families and friends and transported travellers to bucket-list destinations all over the globe”.

The card also comes with an augmented reality welcome kit, enabling cardholders to learn more about the history of the Delta Ship #6307 and the Boeing 747, as well as flight stories and details about the transformation of the airplane metal into a credit card.

Commenting on the news Dwight James, SVP of customer engagement and loyalty at Delta and CEO of Delta Vacation, said:

“The idea of making a metal credit card out of actual airplane metal began years ago, and the creativity and innovation that was required to achieve this is incredibly meaningful.

“We’ve partnered with Amex to transform a piece of Delta’s history into a collector’s item you can use in your everyday. The 747’s legacy lives on for a new generation of Delta flyers through this first-of-its-kind credit card that our members will be proud to keep in their wallets.”

The Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express and Reserve Business American Express cards have an annual fee of $550 – for more information on the cards click here.,

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