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Emirates and Bulgari launch summer season amenity kits

Emirates introduces its latest summer amenity kits in collaboration with Bulgari, offering luxury experiences to First and Business Class passengers. The collection showcases vibrant colours reflecting Emirates’ upgraded cabin interiors and features Bulgari’s renowned fragrances. First Class passengers can indulge in exclusive offerings, including collectible bags in sophisticated designs, while Business Class travellers enjoy chic cream-coloured kits with pops of coral.

In First Class, passengers are treated to a luxurious range of amenities, from exclusive fragrances to skincare essentials. Men receive chestnut brown synthetic leather bags containing Bulgari’s signature scents, while women enjoy metallic champagne-bronze kits with turquoise accents. Both kits include a range of Bulgari products and travel necessities, ensuring a pampered journey.

Business Class passengers also enjoy Bulgari’s elegance with kits designed for both men and women. The women’s kits feature soft cream shades and include the iconic BVLGARI OMNIA CORAL fragrance, while the men’s kits come in contemporary chestnut brown fabric. Each kit is equipped with luxurious essentials, reflecting Emirates’ commitment to providing exceptional comfort and style throughout the flight.

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