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OceanSky Cruises launches partnership with Les Roches

OceanSky Cruises, the airline of airships with a commitment to sustainable aviation, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Les Roches. Together, they will develop the hospitality operations and service protocols that will redefine the future of luxury air travel, which will take passengers on a trip to the geographical north-pole on its first expedition.

This new experiential travel category is unlike anything that exists in the industry, providing passengers with a level of luxury and adventure not seen since the 1930s, when airships were the oceanliners of the skies. The airship will have a passenger gondola designed to provide services on par with the most exquisite hotels in the world.

The gondola will have private cabins with en-suite bathrooms, a panoramic terrace, and all the amenities expected in a luxury hotel. Interiors will boast a bar, restaurant, panoramic lounge, activity areas to practice yoga, and a small theatre-like lounge for presentations and gatherings.


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