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The Bar Stock Exchange launches Barbank, Mumbai

Mihir Desai, the founder of The Bar Stock Exchange has launched Bar Bank, the largest food truck park in Mumbai. The Bar Stock Exchange has captured the imagination of an audience that is always looking for new and fresh ideas. He is the first to discover the tech concept bar, which is based on the simple notion of demand and supply as well as the fundamentals of the stock market.

Mihir is taking the interaction a few steps ahead with Bar Bank, an open airspace of thousands of feet with food trucks, games, and lights, very carnival-like. Seeing a dearth of concept-driven, experiential dining opportunities led him to launch Bar Bank as the largest food truck park in Mumbai, and one of the biggest food truck parks in India. With Bar Bank, Mihir is creating an ambiance that reminds you of the food truck park experience that you’d get in destinations like London, Brussels, and Amsterdam.

“I’m very fond of concept bars and since TBSE got such a good response, I wanted to push boundaries with another concept. I thought of food trucks, and combining many of them together. A food truck park at a big scale has never been done in India, and I wanted to achieve that with Bar Bank” Mihir says. The future of Bar Bank is bright, as Mihir is working towards taking Bar Bank pan India in the near future, with many food truck parks across the country.

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