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Vistara opts to cancel around 1,000 flights throughout April

Vistara has taken the decision to cancel close to 1,000 flights scheduled for April to restore stability to its operations. This action follows a significant disruption last week stemming from busy pilot rosters and unrest among a segment of cockpit crew regarding pay reductions. The airline spokesperson emphasised a deliberate reduction in operations, amounting to approximately 25-30 flights per day, representing around 10 per cent of their usual capacity.

This strategic move aims to provide breathing room for pilot rosters and minimize inconvenience for passengers. Vistara has focused primarily on domestic flights for cancellation and has proactively re-accommodated affected passengers on alternative flights. Notably, the cancellations have been announced well in advance to mitigate disruptions, with all impacted travelers already re-booked onto other flights.

In addition to flight cancellations, Vistara is adjusting its fleet and operational strategies. Larger Airbus A321 and Boeing 787 aircraft are being deployed on domestic routes to accommodate more passengers. Furthermore, the airline is collaborating with other carriers to ensure passenger continuity. Air India is also extending support by sending approximately 20 First Officers to assist Vistara. Moreover, to optimise resources, Vistara is reallocating six Airbus A320s to Air India Express. These measures aim to streamline operations and enhance efficiency amidst the current challenges faced by the aviation industry, including grounded aircraft due to engine issues.

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